Our Work

Throughout the past couple years, we have worked with various public lands to come up with permit systems that work and that are fair to all who are involved.

Learn About Our Current and Past Work with Public Lands

So far we have directly worked with 5 national parks to stop restrictive permit systems that would have only added to the issues these parks were trying to prevent.


Currently, we are working to change regulations on National Forest, BLM, and National Park lands that are now labeling photographers as guides and forcing them into an entirely different classification that does not fit them.

Glacier National Park

In January of 2022, our group worked to remove restrictions in Glacier National Park that would have forced weddings to take place in the busiest parts of the park during the busiest times and require permits for “the exchanging of words” between people already married.

Grand Teton National Park

In March of 2022, we fought for the removal of the Grand Teton’s commercial use requirement that had been put into place. This requirement would have required photographers to:

■ Have CPR first aid classes

■ Send in financials monthly

■ Pay 3-5% additional “management” fees based on their revenue

■ Wear name tags

■ Have business logos on cars

■ Have their rates determined by the superintendent

■ Be responsible for clients’ behavior or activity.

■ Be forced to give the “United States of America access to its books at any time for the purpose of determining compliance with the terms and conditions of this authorization.”

Due to the hard work of many, the park service eradicated the program and returned the fees photographers’ had paid. Read more about this in the news!

Joshua Tree National Park

In December 2022 we worked with Joshua Tree National Park to remove the restriction of portrait sessions to only be allowed in specific areas. We also worked to remove the requirement of commercial use authorizations for portrait photography that would have required that photographers pay 3% in additional fees for each time they worked in the park.

North Cascades National Park

In May of 2023 we communicated with North Cascades National Park to clarify the requirements of Commercial Use Authorizations for wedding & portrait photographers. We worked to ensure that portrait photography would not have a CUA requirement within the national park and also communicated with the park to make sure their website was up to date on these requirements. If photographers applied and paid the fee, they could contact the park to receive a refund and are now free to photograph within the park without a CUA.

Yellowstone National Park

In September of 2023 we received updates from Yellowstone National Park letting us know that they had officially removed the illegal requirement of Commercial Use Authorizations for portrait photography in the park. Yellowstone has had this strict permit system in place for years. Now Yellowstone National Park will no longer issue CUAs for portrait services or single-session portrait services beginning January 1, 2024.  

Geyser in Yellowstone National Park.

Rocky Mountain National Park

For years, photographers have had to get permits to do any sort of photography in Rocky Mountain National Park. Our letter & constant communication with the park prompted a review to be done at the regional and federal level. The park received guidance from the National Park Service Special Park Uses Program Coordinator at the Washington and Regional Level informing them that they are no longer allowed to issue CUAs for portrait photography (professional still photography) in 2024.

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